Sickening Ship / Two Million Heads

by Wretched Worst

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Released on the cassette Sickening Ship by Rampart Tapes (

"I love Wretched Worst dearly. They are a supergroup, of sorts: drummer Ben Allen spooled off one anguished, fizzling lick after another sixstringin’ for Lexington heavies Cadaver in Drag, and explored some subterranean murk of his own under the name Caves; guitarist Daryl Cook is perhaps more readily identified pseudonymously as subacademic electronic composer Walter Carson, with a terrific LP, Recalcitrants, on the Gods of Tundra label and a number of spacious, meditative collaborations with Three Legged Race; vocalist Matt Minter is a founding member of Hair Police, terrorizing many a perplexed audient with his assaultive performance style up ‘til 2003 (and by God, it’s good to see him back in action); and bassist Thad Watson is ostensibly the genius behind Warmer Milks’ 2006 riffgasm Radish on Light (TMU), as well as his own awesome bassment prog project Kraken Fury. The Worst, however, is yet far greater than the already-formidable sum of its parts. Seems they descend from some halcyon era of noise-rock, when practitioners of the form would never readily identify themselves as such, or as anything, eschewing any complicity with heavy metal or punk, as well as the corny crutches of the breeds since: the puerile shock tactics, the neon uniforms, the sense of irony, the cultural awareness, the girls. The Worst aesthetic manifests a severe, specific sexual neurosis, fully realized for maximum listener discomfort. Hatred bound, as they say. These jams are mean, raw, and incomprehensible, like every day of life. Sickening Ship runs the whole Worst gamut: bleak soundscape malaise, primitive thrash, riffs so imprecise and precarious you’re not sure whether it’s the tape or the fingers themselves that have suffered most, growling and murmurings more commonly heard in half-excavated forests or abandoned zoos, drums that are mostly cymbal and clunky echo… all documented suitably in-that-red, but with a disarming sense of space, of control. Control is the deciding factor with this stuff, and The Worst have it, and, better yet, know when to lose it."


released August 1, 2009
Ben Allen - Drums
Daryl Cook - Guitar, electronics
Matt Minter - Vocals, tape
Thad Watson - Bass



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Wretched Worst Lexington, Kentucky

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